Daily Archives: April 17, 2016

AdWords on Google, is it worth it?

So I just got $2100 in AdWords coupons for new customers (hello! someone new wants this money, because I can’t use it unless someone is starting a new account). It’s exciting and I hope I can help a few people out who need it. So if people are seriously wondering […]

Adwords PPC Help Orlando

Search Engine Optimization in Orlando, FL

So I happen to help clients with their search engine optimization primarily in Orlando, FL. That’s not to say I don’t help them in other areas, but since that’s where I reside, I find that most of my clients happen to be in the same city, not to mention it’s […]

Why Linkbuilding Is An SEO Must

If you have any sort of understanding of search engine optimization, chances are you have heard of Linkbuilding. It is a very important aspect of any SEO plan of attack and rightly so. Having links associated with your website helps you in a number of ways, with the overall goal […]

Quality Score: Pay Less For Better Positions

I know AdWords Quality Score is a big deal. After all, it directly affects how much you spend on certain keywords. It also affects your rankings. It can also cause your competition to pay more than you do for a ranking below yours. How? That’s easy. Easy, but some work. […]

7 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog

With so much effort focused on social media platforms, it’s easy for brands to forget the grandfather of today’s social networks: Blogging. Though blogging originated in the 1990s during the formative days of the online world, it’s just as relevant today. Brands that sacrifice blogging for other marketing endeavors do […]