I know AdWords Quality Score is a big deal. After all, it directly affects how much you spend on certain keywords. It also affects your rankings. It can also cause your competition to pay more than you do for a ranking below yours. How? That’s easy.

Easy, but some work. The biggest thing AdWords advertisers need to remember is to have many Ad Groups in their campaigns. The Google AdWords Learning Center describes them to have anywhere from 5 to 20 keywords each. I like to stay around 10 if I can. Make sure that there is at least one common word throughout each Ad Group, which will probably happen organically in this process.

For example, if a garage door repair company was running AdWords, they would have an Ad Group titled, “broken spring repair.” In that group, every keyword would more than likely have the word, “spring” in it somewhere. That just makes sense, right? Yes, it does. Another thing to remember is to have at least 3 word keywords in your Ad Groups. This will ensure that you don’t have keywords that are too broad and will have you working for months to try and weed out the negative matches you will need. You can bypass this process by seeking far more relevant and concentrated keywords, which will help you out even more already.

Moving on to the Ad text, make sure that your keywords appear in your Ads, preferably in the title line. Also, try and have the keyword(s) in the body of the Ad as well, switching up the way you say it. If the title line has, “garage door repair” try using, “we repair all garage door issues” (or something like that) in the body. That way it reads better by not being redundant. We all understand that it’s a keyword game overall, but making it read well and having Ad text that flows well also helps by not sounding like a robot put your campaign together.

Now, rinse and repeat with every type of product or service you have available. So what’s your Quality Score now, 7/10? Next, we need to make sure your landing page is relevant.

What about my landing page? Something needs to be done outside of AdWords? That doesn’t make sense; I thought everything is done on Google’s interface, why in the world would I have to do anything to my website?

Well, Google also looks at the themes of your landing pages. If that garage door company has spring replacement keywords with a spring replacement ad title, with spring replacement in the body, that’s good. But what’s great is having all that direct a user to a page specifically for spring replacement services with descriptions of spring replacements. That’s how you can truly gain the best Quality Score.