So I just got $2100 in AdWords coupons for new customers (hello! someone new wants this money, because I can’t use it unless someone is starting a new account). It’s exciting and I hope I can help a few people out who need it.

So if people are seriously wondering whether it’s worth it to advertise on Google, I’m not sure why you are thinking about it. I mean, it’s obvious one way or the other. You want relevant leads? Check. You want to brand your company all over YouTube? Check. You want to sell lemonade? Well, that should be done outside by children, not on Google. Unless lemonade is a catchy company name for some type of widget…

Anyways, AdWords are in front of just about everyone online. The statistics don’t matter if you don’t know what I’m talking about. You ever been on a website that had Google ads on the side and you thought, “This isn’t a search engine results page, but I’m seeing ads here”? That’s where your ads could be. Had to sit through a video advertisement before a YouTube video before? Yeah, that’s where your ads could be. It’s everywhere.

AND, if you have a professional helping you it’s easy to use conversions to find out exactly how much one purchase costs you on Google. Black and white ROI. It works or it doesn’t, but you should at least find out either way, right?