In today’s interconnected atmosphere, it’s critical that your business know how to engage with social media. Social media marketing, coupled with Social Media Optimization, or SMO, can make a big difference when it comes to generating traffic for your website.

One way that social media marketing can benefit you is by helping your company establish more personal relationships with your clients in Orlando. When your brand appears in their Facebook or Twitter feed, you become an integral part of your customers’ personal lives. Nearly two-thirds of US internet users regularly use social media – that’s a big audience!

Of course, social media marketing doesn’t just mean having a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profile. It’s also about how those profiles interface with your more traditional web presence in the form of Social Media Optimization. SMO makes it easier for customers to engage with your company in multiple ways. Link to your social media profiles from your main webpage – this connectivity makes customers highly likely to click through and “like” your profile on Facebook or other sites, creating a new connection between you and your customers. To practice SMO in Orlando is to create a more engaged clientele.

Now that you’ve got your clients to follow your social media profiles, what can you use them for? One major use is in advertising special promotions your business might be having. A quick social media post by your company has the capacity to generate a significant amount of business as customers who follow your internet presence share this information with their friends. Imagine how many new customers you could reach just in Orlando by engaging in social media marketing and SMO!

Ultimately, social media marketing shows that your company is contemporary and socially engaged. The key is to keep your posts brief and friendly, to let your customers know what you’re doing, and make them want to come be a part of it today.