Many business owners have found that a great way to advertise is to use Google AdWords. I highly recommend this for a few reasons.

  • You can determine ROI instantly
  • You can change your investment cost at any time instantly

Yesterday, I was setting up a new campaign for Indian River Glass Company, so the keywords were in the glass windows or glass doors realm. They not only do install but they sell doors, custom bathroom showers, commercial storefronts, you name it. HOWEVER, don’t get overwhelmed with using AdWords. Yes, there are a ton of keywords you can use, but just concentrate on getting someone to call you or come in to sit down because that’s where you can let them know about everything. Don’t overload people on Google, otherwise they will think they have all the info they need and it’s a waste of time to call you. [By the way, if you are in the market for any type of glass at all, check them out here.]

But how much do you spend? As much as possible? No way, and it’s really up to you. First of all, understand the reach this product has by asking a marketing expert or someone who knows all about how to set it up, configure geographic settings, the times, demographics, etc. It gets pretty detailed, but that’s Google for you!

The point I want to stress to everyone is that long-tail keywords are VERY important. Normal keywords would be “glass window contractor” but a long-tail keyword is “looking for a glass window contractor in volusia county fl.” OK, so why do I care? Long-tail keywords can be less expensive for you and help to find a customer looking for a very specific product or service you offer. Many people forget about the more detailed keywords and focus on the generic keywords. You have to create a campaign with many great keywords, not just a few great ones. If you were casting a net to catch as many fish as possible, what would you want the size to be?