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At SearchOutside the Box, we offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, also known as Pay Per Click advertising or Google Adwords. SEM involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising. As a locally owned and operated firm, we are a Google Adwords Certified and Partner Company, providing a personal touch that sets us apart from other Google Partners.

While setting up an Adwords campaign may seem simple, optimizing it to achieve the highest possible return on investment requires experience and expertise. Unfortunately, many businesses waste hundreds or thousands of dollars before realizing they have made mistakes. At SearchOutside the Box, we work closely with you to find the right type of Pay Per Click advertising that meets and exceeds your goals. We install tracking and analyze the cost per conversion to help you understand the necessary budget to obtain leads.

Don’t waste your marketing budget on ineffective campaigns. Trust the experts at SearchOutside the Box to help you achieve maximum results with SEM.

As a firm that manages less than 50 accounts, we are big enough to know what mistakes not to make but also small enough to care greatly about your individual success. We have a flat rate to build a campaign, and we normally have some free advertising money from Google to get you started to offset the cost. We also bill you directly 10% a month for managing and optimizing the campaigns. If your spend is less than $500 a month, we charge a flat $50 a month to manage the account.


$250 to build a basic Search and Remarketing Campaign.
We would normal have a $125 in free ads to get you started. *this varies on what specials google is running.
so your true cost would be $125 for setup.
Budget of $500 a month billed directly to Google. We would submit an invoice to you directly for $50 the 10% of $500.

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If you do not understand PPC Pay per Click, Adwords, or SEM Search Engine Marketing we are a SEM Orlando based company and we will help you.

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