So many times I have sat down with business after business, and they all (all the good ones anyway) seem to be concerned with the fact that they simply want to make more money. Dealing with Search Engine Optimization in Orlando, Fl., it seems that many times the customers don’t necessarily care to know the exact specifics, they just want their phone ringing. After asking questions I come to find out exactly where their marketing dollars are going.

A few have commercials, some have radio, many have print, and most have a website. The commercial statistics can only show viewership. Print advertising shows you circulation, but what can you do with advertising online to your website? AdWords my friend, AdWords. But why is everyone so obsessed about it? I mean, what proof is there that it works better than others? What makes it so special?

AdWords reach borders on ridiculous. About 80% of internet users in the US (with millions more worldwide on other Google platforms) view AdWords ads. It hands you a “relevant audience at their moment of purchase” dinner on a silver platter. You decide who sees your ads, and how much you pay for them. Best part is, you don’t even pay Google unless someone is actually interested in your business. Seriously, think about it.

Why it works better than others is because it creates a concrete ROI. You know exactly how much you are spending, just like you would with any other form of advertising. But it can also show you how much money you made. Any how does it do that, you say? With Conversions.

Conversions in AdWords is like HD television. There were plenty of TVs that came out before them, but now why would anyone not have an HD television. It’s just that much better. Why wouldn’t you run an advertising campaign that could tell you exactly how much money you were actually gaining from your investments.

You can set up conversions to be people filling out forms, emails being added to your database, selling an online product, blog views, many different things. If you track that form, that email, that product price, you can figure out tangible financial gains. And that’s what’s very appealing about using AdWords conversions.

If you are a business owner who is either selling or booking reservations online, a great way to help you track ROI is through the use of conversions in AdWords. I mean, if you are using AdWords, do you know how much money you pay per sale? Per booking? Per form being filled out? All of this matters for a business to profit most efficiently and successfully from a Pay-Per-Click avenue. You should be doing this every single day.

If you need help placing conversion codes into your website, or setting up an AdWords account to start today because you realize the potential money that is out there by using this amazing gift from Google, then let me know. Or another SEO company know, but make sure they have an AdWords Pro on staff like me. We can help you create tightly themed accounts for your products.

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