With so many small businesses thriving in Orlando and the greater central Florida region, most brands get lost in the ocean of organic search results. When a small business fails to rank on the top page of Google for local searches, the damage is immeasurable. More and more consumers are using search engines to discover local businesses to meet their needs. Orlando businesses that invest in local organic marketing achieve benefits such as:

Targeted traffic. The difference between local organic marketing versus normal SEO is the focus on location. Because local organic marketing is targeted for internet users around Orlando, businesses will benefit from targeted traffic. This means higher conversion rates than usual as well as an improved ROI. Targeted traffic is already primed to conduct business online with businesses in the greater Orlando region.

Cost efficiency. While PPC and social media campaigns are definitely useful in building traffic, once the cash flow stops supporting these efforts, the incoming traffic stops as well. With local organic marketing, however, the results are long lasting, thereby improving cost efficiency. Local organic search results can be improved through a variety of techniques including keyword optimization as well as the addition of a blog to boost online content.

Insurance against search engine changes. When Google implemented their Penguin Update, many brands lost their front-page rankings because of “black hat” techniques. On the other hand, using white hat SEO link building techniques for local organic search marketing protects brands against future search engine updates. This means that your brand won’t be hurt or penalized once Google revises their search engine algorithm.

Local reviews. Using local organic search marketing gives businesses the opportunity to leverage Google+ local reviews. Customers are more likely to conduct business with a brand that has positive reviews online. By harnessing legitimate local reviews, your brand is more likely to win a perspective customer than a competitor without any reviews.

Targeted referrals. Focusing on local organic marketing increases the opportunity to seek local incoming link referrals. Finding local links again increases targeted traffic while building a stronger reputation throughout Orlando and the greater region. Finding other trusted sources to link to your site in Orlando builds credibility while exposing the reach of your brand online.

Keep in mind that the latest statistics show that internet users are more likely to click on organic search results than PPC ads by 47 to 3. That’s not to say that PPC and social media campaigns should be ignored, but small businesses in Orlando that are serious about increasing business should make local organic search marketing a priority. Aside from increasing traffic, the methods used to improve local organic marketing create a sustainable online presence.

Elements such as blogs, keyword optimization, and white hat linking strategies are leveraged to build a strong online presence in Orlando. But these elements also build trust and credibility among consumers. Since many internet users are searching for specific services in specific regions, local search marketing should not be ignored. Reinforce your online presence in Orlando and central Florida by targeting local traffic.