Thinking about design of your new website and how it would look cleaner and more direct to customers? There are many things that can be done to make your website appear to be amazing and aesthetically pleasing. However, you must remember that different people like different computers, from desktops to laptops. And that means they could be using different operating systems, thus different browsers. Not only should you be concerned with desktop version of computers that could be viewing your website and brand, but now days you have mobile devices and tablets too. We suggest going with a responsive design of your website. Responsive design quiet simply means it looks right on all devices that view it.

The majority of computer users browse the internet through 4 different browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. To see a statistical breakdown of the four browsers click here. As designers, we must realize that people will be viewing a created website under different conditions, which each of these browsers present.

Even though code can be properly input into creating a website, they could possibly look different in Firefox than they could be in Internet Explorer. If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and look in your current browser, then look at it in another browser. I personally have Internet Explorer and Firefox on the very laptop I am writing this blog on right now. I encourage you to have at least two browsers available for viewing when having your website designed.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

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Mobile & Tablet actual have their very own search results index from google. Now days if you are not mobile friendly you are not event in the search results for people that search on their mobile devices. You can check your website mobile compatibility online with google at test my site. . Once you have the facts and you need help fixing the issues contact us to help.

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