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Banner design, like the logo of your company, banners are very important for giving a wider visibility to your goods and services. The banner gives a nice glimpse and overview of your company in a very explicit manner. It takes a lot of expertise and involves a lot of thinking to give shape to a banner, as it has the potential to make or break the company’s image and has the ability to uplift the company’s reputation.

A banner on a web page is eye catching and brings the visitor into the purpose of the website or brand. If you have flat boring banners on your website most visitors to your site will just bounce back out and go somewhere else. If you have a well designed eye catching banner with great information and a call to action, the visitor will normally go deeper into your content and stay on your web property longer. Take your time selecting the right images and lay them out in a logical order with a strong calls to action.

Most times you only have one shot with a visitor so go for the gold. Have creative eye catching images that makes the visitor want to read or click on other parts of your website. Make sure you have Google Analytics setup to track what someone does when they land on your website. See if they land and just leave which is called a bounce. We are specialists in the Google Analytics setup and configuration.

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