Many clients I have spoken with over the years have spent money advertising in the yellow pages. Each time I have a conversation it seems there is always a familiar tune. “People don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore, it’s a dying industry.” I would have to agree with that. Even the Yellow Page companies realize the print product is phasing out, which is why they will now steer you into their online product.

“Recent studies conducted by Nielsen and comScore indicate that Internet Yellow Pages have a very small percentage of total internet searches. More than 85% of all internet searches occur on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.” Read Robbie Forbes entire article here.

Here is what I would suggest for anyone currently advertising in the Yellow Pages who want to know how to transition to the internet. Take the amount of advertising dollars you are currently spending on the Yellow Pages, cut it in half, and use on the internet. Did I really just say half?!? Yes I did.

It is much more cost effective for you as a business, and statistically more cost efficient for you as an advertiser on the internet. You have already budgeted advertising costs into your business, and now you can move online and give yourself more breathing room while making this transition.