A few weeks ago Google changed things up a bit by introducing a specific new way to advertise the people with smart phones, along with the less intelligent phones that still have internet capabilites. They created a new AdWords Ad Extension: Call Extension.

But this isn’t new, what’s the big deal? Haven’t they had the option to input phone numbers (even more than one) for a while now? I’m glad I asked.

Yes, they have had that option, but now they have introduced the option to have those AdWords ads Call Only. That means that when people see an AdWords Ad for your business on their Cell Phones (and cell phones only, obviously) instead of a click routing to your website, it instead activates the call function on their cell phone. By clicking the AdWords Ad for your business, they call you.

This is truly a remarkable idea, bypass the window shoppers on their cell phones and make them call you. By the way, you can still keep the other functionality of clicking through to your website, but why? Aren’t you wanting your customer to call you anyways? Don’t you think to yourself, “If I can get them on the phone and talk to them, I can sell them”? This application is WINNING!

A little secret about this: After speaking with a Google Representative about the effectiveness of this function, she told me that Bail Bond companies are thriving. Think about it, many Bail Bonds clients are possibly stuck in an emotional spot and need to act fast. What’s on their person they can use to instantly access the world’s info?

So you get it. Great. Let me know if you own, or know someone who owns, a bail bonds business. I have some AdWords cash I want to make my point with.